Find me on the Interwebs!

Happy Friday to my 1 Million followers!


Ok, I take that back – it’s finally Friday and I do not have 1 Million followers 🙂

Below are links to my social media pages, so please friend me on the interwebs!

My Instagram posts consists of food/beer/restaurants, nature, and animals. I need to post more.

My LinkedIn is the newest of my social media pages and it’s a work in progress. I created one in May when I was looking for jobs.

My Twitter page isn’t used very often – the old tweets are from participating in freebie campaigns.  I need to clean it up!

If you haven’t noticed by now, rake713 is me – I’m Rachel, born July 13th. Rake is a nickname my older siblings gave me and it’s stuck 30+ years later. My best friends also call me Rake. Probably will never grow out of it.

Feel free to comment!

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