Audio Interview

So for the past few weeks, my classmate, Andrea and I worked on a Phil Ochs interview.  Andrea and I both researched various questions we could ask each other as well as a thoughtful introduction to bring the listeners in.

We were given the assignment the week before Spring Break and it was due the week after Spring Break. Andrea and I met Wednesday during Spring Break to pick up where we left off from the previous class.  We didn’t get very far in the research since we were trying to find questions and interesting information that would be different from the default information you can find when searching Ochs and his life.  We split up the research work and agreed to work together in class to finish up on the audio assignment.

With the help of our professor, Dr. Takacs, I was able to download and convert Ochs’ 2009 Folk Alliance International  Legacy Award YouTube video into a sound file. I carefully listened to the entire audio version of the video searching for musical sounds that would enhance our interview.  Using the Audacity program, I was able to slip about 15-20 seconds of Ochs playing on his acoustic guitar. Since I’m still no expert, I don’t know which song it originated from. Phil Ochs won the 2009 Elaine Weissman Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009 honoring his achievements in folk music.

I know that Andrea was running into problems when she started splicing the sound bites together to form the full interview. She said that she liked working on things like this so I let her have full reign on the editing portion. If we had a little more time, I would have jumped in and helped her but I think it’s easier for one person to manipulate info instead of too many hand in the pie.

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