Gunfight at Carnegie Hall

So I’ve never edited anything on before as I’ve never really had a reason nor interest.  Our Digital Humanities class is currently working on Phil Ochs archives and we all chose different Phil Ochs wiki pages to edit and add information.

I chose Gunfight at Carnegie Hall, which were two crazy concerts set at the renowned Carnegie Hall on March 27, 1970.  From the description of his odd concert attire to an off-color set list, Ochs showed a different side of himself to his fans who expected folk/hippie songs they were used to hearing.

I wrote a previous blog about the Internet Archive: Digital Libraries which gave some insight about its program and the types of files housed on their site. I came across the 2nd concert’s recording of Gunfight at Carnegie Hall, which I added to the wiki page. I listened to some of the “talk” sections of the recordings and it just amazes me how well the archivists at Internet Archive were able to digitize everything!

I was not able to locate 4 great resources to assist me with the page edits as I think I chose an Ochs page that had limited information to begin with. I was able to find a few resources but I wouldn’t consider they all meet the verifiability requirements.

I stumbled across a single line there was a Rolling Stone concert review in 1970 and I contacted Rolling Stone archives, but was told they do not have those records in a digital format at this time but I could probably find someone selling a hard copy of the magazine that included that article review. I located OnA&M who claim they are “The internet home of A&M Records and affiliated labels’ artists and employees” on their website. They have over 2500 artist profiles and biographies and Phil Ochs is listed as an artist since most of his albums were released on their line. However, the link to his page won’t open. I sent them a message on their Facebook page asking for a link to Ochs’ artist page but never heard back from though they did read the message.

I also looked for accurate album recording release dates but kept getting conflicting information. There is another wiki editor who kept “correcting” album release dates that I found on several pages as well as putting some of my grammatical corrections back to their original way. Not sure how to work on those when someone refuses to “approve” corrections.

Not too excited about the lack of accurate resources I was able to locate which limited how I was able to make any edits or additions to his wiki page.  I’m hoping that others may be able to locate some resources that could really contribute to his page.




One thought on “Gunfight at Carnegie Hall

  1. andreaintulsa says:

    Listening to your process in class was intereseting. I don’t think I would have jumped through all of those hoops to try and find accurate sources. Knowing what you do now, do you think you would pick something easier next time or keep digging for sources?


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