great blog vs not-so great blog

I’m still new to blogging and such but I’ve come across some great blogs and some iffy blogs.

Everyone loves to read about “dream” vacation spots and I’m one of them, but there are ones that I just can’t get through and just want to take a read pen to their words.

Grammar and spelling are huge pet peeves to me as well as my family! At family gatherings, we like to complain about recent poorly written tests questions (I’m talking to you IOWA Basic Skills), articles, books (Fifty Trilogy), etc. especially in the educational functions (my mom and sister are teachers).

I recently stumbled upon a poorly written travel blog that consisted of two travel destinations with atrocious grammar.  I did notice that she’s British so her use of “realise” appears incorrect in US English grammar but it is correct in UK English grammar. She doesn’t capitalize proper nouns such as the Sydney Opera House and the word Dutch, misspelled Singapore and got really sidetracked while writing about an argument to seeing a possum! There are many other grammar, punctuation and spelling issues and I would love to mark it up and email it to this person but they wrote it over three years ago and probably don’t care.

I’m not sure how old this person is but they appear uneducated and ignorant and their travel blog posts do not entice me to visit Sydney nor Singapore.

Even the most blase bloggers still use proper capitalization and spelling. :/

On the flip side, there are some wonderful food bloggers out in the world wide webiverse! I only recently got hooked on food blogs after going to the Pioneer Woman’s site for the recipes only (I didn’t really care about her farm life in OK – I live only an hour away) and found a refreshing, informative, yet entertaining food blogger in Adrianna’s A Cozy Kitchen.

Here, she treats us to a variety of food and flavors, as well as fun antics of her Welsh Corgi, Amelia.  From vegetarian dishes to made-from-scratch baked goods, she guides us step-by-step through the most complicated of dishes. Her Bourbon Rose Apple Pie took a few tries before I could successful recreate it. I believe my attempt came out pretty good: apple pie


I will gladly follow any blog that has useful and easy-to follow content, however will not put up with crappy grammar or someone too lazy to use spellcheck 🙂

2 thoughts on “great blog vs not-so great blog

  1. Stacy Takacs says:

    In terms of design elements, what makes these two food blogs particularly compelling for you? Anything you could take as inspiration for your own blog (and I hate to say it, but you have a typo in the paragraph about Pioneer Woman –careful what you rant about online!)?


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