Digital Libraries

Apparently I’m not so great at writing blogs as I somehow keep forgetting to publish them… I’m working on it!!

I stumbled upon the Internet Archive, a non-profit library of free books, movies, music and more thanks to a list of resources our Professor provided us.  Their  “mission is to provide Universal Access to All Knowledge.” They began in 1996 by archiving the Internet and good lord knows that took a lot of time and patience on the employees and volunteers!

Their About page states they currently work with over 450 libraries and partners to upload their information and are funded by donations, grants and providing archiving and digitization services to companies.

The site is very easy to use and the main page has a great search function as well as an advanced searching tool as seen below.  advanced search

I personally feel slightly overwhelmed with the advanced search function and will most likely use the general search option.

I love to read so when I came across their eBooks and Texts page, I was excited to see they have over 15 million free downloadable texts. They also loan over five hundred thousands books to patrons in two-week increments, similar to borrowing a book from the Tulsa Library.’s Book Borrowing program

Tulsa City-County Library Digital Collection

You do have to filter a little once you start searching in their available books you can borrow but I found the process quick and simple.

They also have a pretty cool function – able to search images from NASA, Metropolitan Museum of Art, USGS Maps of all 50 states. *There are 1,240 images of Oklahoma available! USGS OK Maps

I could really get sucked into a rabbit hole like others do when watching videos on YouTube, and have found a great resource for future projects or finding the next book to read!

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