Early internet user ≠ social media fan

Growing up with older siblings, I’ve been one of the lucky ones to have internet access as a young child (circa 2nd grade/1990) compared to others my age.  Our family did not have cable, a video camera or a gaming system at home so I relished hanging out at my friends’ homes plugged into their technologies while they were envious of my internet capabilities.

Dial-up internet, green-screened monitors, and a printer that printed in block or cursive font at the touch of a button came in handy for 5-page essays and reports in 4th grade. I didn’t have to sit at the library and type up my paper or use a typewriter, I had the luxury of sitting at home while my mom proofread my papers.

However, I am not a fan of current social media outlets. I have accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram but don’t actively post.

I joined Facebook in 2009 before my 10 year high school reunion so I could get updates on classmates’ lives and then I didn’t attend the reunion – I deleted hundreds of “friends.”  Sorry not sorry.  FB users would post every few minutes about what was going on in their lives long before Twitter arrived on the scene.

OMG – tweeting every few minutes about their unimportant lives or “promoting” some brand has created an outlet for celebrities to infiltrate normal people’s lives though there is the handful of mindful celebrities who use social media for charities and organizations.

I have noticed the uptick in companies using social media for their giveaways and promotions which forces people to create and constantly use social media for a free taco or gift card.

There are individuals who abuse social media access, citing “free speech” as their excuse to be ignorant, racist and inappropriate.  Yet, social media regulators won’t ban or censor them since they’re labeled a “leader.” Twitter refuses to ban or censor Trump

At a recent dinner outing with friends, we noticed a family of four seated adjacent to us were all on an electronic device – cell phone, tablet, etc. and not saying one word to each other.  We reminisced that when we were kids out at a restaurant, we sat there did not need “entertainment” to keep us quiet, we knew better.




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